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Rethinking Everything

I know that I haven’t kept up with my original writing plan, but it turns out that life is messy and time is precious when you have children that are growing up so fast. So with that I’ve decided to rethink my posting and make sure that it is mom friendly and realistic to my schedule.

I’ve also worried way too much about being like other bloggers and having “PIN-Perfect” photos in my blog…  While I may write on my photos from time to time it won’t be super catchy to compete with others but simply my own thing. I’m cutting that stress and pressure off of my day. and now maybe my posts will be more true to my life instead of trying to look like everyone else!

As for the staycation a few posts ago, it ended up not working out, I simply couldn’t get my family on board and they hated the idea. So we’ve decided to go to an amusement park instead. Maybe I can break it down into a smaller event and give it one more go for a weekend. but the thought of a week at home without electronics is sadly quite shocking to the American family.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today, even though it isn’t super fancy or with Pinterest worthy photos. I hope you will still stick around and listen to my dreams of simple living, even if they don’t come easy at times. That’s just the truth of life.

See you soon,




Sweets & Treats

Mom & Dad brought back a bunch of goodies from their vacation in historic Hinton, West Virginia. A bunch of old candies. And of course toys for the kids, but anyway I wanted to share the candy with you guys.

Check it out!

They also brought my favorite food of all time! Pizza!!!

And some leftover bacon which of course is never a thing in this house lol! But it’s much appreciated.

I love whenever I don’t have to cook!

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The scoop on the coop: A Busy May Update

We have a lot going on this month, school is almost out for the summer and will be out for good for my husband’s daughter Kaitlyn. It really seems like she was just five years old and now she’s graduating high school! We have both kids awards days to attend along with a shower and wedding which I’m not sure we will be able to make it to. Oh and graduation dinner! Either way it’s way more on my plate than I’m use to event wise. So I’m squeezing in an update here because I don’t think I will get much else accomplished this month. 

The scoop on the coop: 

Our chickens have been outside for a few days now. At first I felt all worried like I was their mother hen or something. But they are doing so great and I’ve found that their favorite snacks are wild strawberries! My two favorites are the barred rocks they are very sweet birds. And the two brown which I believe are Rhode Island Reds are really mean and peck a lot! I hope they will calm down as they mature. 

 I’m not 100% sure on the sexes but it does seem like we have one rooster which I’ve named Elvis. If he turns out to be a girl it will surprise me since he has the largest comb and wattle!

This is Elvis right before we moved them outside. 

Here are a few pics of our temporary coop!


Staycation: Yay or Nay

The idea of vacationing at home is a fairly new trend that has come about in the last year or so but is it really a great idea or just simply people trying to make themselves feel better for not being able to afford a real vacation? I think the idea could be good and bad… if you are the creative type then you could probably pull it off with ease, but for others like myself maybe not so much.

The whole staying home idea seems great to me, I love the thought of making home equal to how we love vacations. I mean why not love our everyday spaces the same as we do when we are away? The biggest problem for me is getting everyone else on board. I jotted a few thoughts down on paper and passed it to my 10-year-old son who went down the list saying things like no, that’s stupid and boring. and of course, he hates the no screen time rule. I mean what could a 10-year-old possibly do without technology for a WHOLE week!!!


Real life activities are viewed by kids as boring, how sad. yet really it boils down to what we’ve allowed and that is the real problem. Kids become used to being “babysat” by technology so they come to love and feel comforted by it. but can this be turned around? Can we thrive again with a little of both without a major meltdown when technology is taken away? I would like to think so just don’t attempt talking them into it, they have to experience other things to realize the difference and that other things too can be fun.

How do you feel about staying home vs packing up for a trip?

If you have tried this please share how it went… 

  1. How long was your staycation?
  2. What all did you do?
  3. Did you have any rules? 
  4. If you have kids did they enjoy themselves?
  5. Would you do it again? 

I will be posting my list as soon as it’s finished, and hopefully, figure out some way to get the family at least okay with the whole idea, I say try it once and if it isn’t for your family you don’t ever have to do it again. but at least you tried something new.

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My Kind of Day

To most people lack of sunshine is a real downer, but being a true introvert I absolutely love a cool, overcast, rainy day! I mean unless it’s a bad storm or something. I’m just talking about a calm rain with some thunder and the best part that nice cool breeze. You know the breeze we wish we had in the sweltering summer months! I would say nothing is better, but me and my husband both love the Fall most of all and even though it’s kind of the same weather it’s always better in the OCT!☔🎃🍃 Either way a spring rain is something very beautiful and is almost always followed by sunshine which then glistens off of everything around. 

Just laying around sounds great on a day like this but I love when the air comes in while I’m washing the dishes. Which definitely helps me a lot since this is not one of my favorite household chores. I’d much rather be doing laundry on most days. But at the same time I’d never want to own a dishwasher. I know weird right!? But to me dishwashers just don’t fall into my idea of simple living and it’s just another expensive thing that would cost way too much to replace or have fixed. 

Other than rain there isn’t much going on here today, I’m just thankful it isn’t one of the rough Monday’s that like to roll over into Monday number two aka: Tuesday!!  Today is relaxing and tomorrow is back to business and most likely grocery shopping.

 Fun Fun Fun. 

 I pray that you all are having as good of a Monday as I am… We Just gotta learn to be content with little and be glad we are alive to enjoy the simple things. Like laying in bed with the window open listening to the rain.

 Little Blessings Count, God is Good Always



Food Fix Friday: Homemade Breakfast Pizza!

I don’t normally do well with scrambled eggs on or mixed in things but every now and then I like a breakfast pizza, This one I made the other day has sausage, egg, mushrooms, and mild banana oh and crumbled up tater tots!! The sauce, of course, is breakfast gravy which next time will have to be name brand. Some things don’t really make a difference either way but let’s face it breakfast gravy can make or break your whole meal. I also forgot to season the tots because I keep forgetting which kind we’ve bought!! Either way, it was pretty good. but my favorite is still the kind we use to get at the gas station! I really wish I knew what all they used. So I guess for my homemade pizza’s it will be mostly regular and white sauce pizza. YUM.

Here are a few pics before baking and after. Enjoy ~