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Just Another Daydream: A list of loves and fails.

Sometimes I struggle to decide what I really want in life, it seems like others have their stuff together and have at least one thing they are good at and stick with it… but for me it’s always been a bunch of half baked ideas that never actually make it past the preparation stage. I have a lot of varying interests and my mind is often scattered between them all.

 How in the world can I organize my mind and focus on what really matters to me most?

Homesteading has been one of these crazy interests I’ve had for a few years now but in reality I don’t even like the outdoors that much and I’m always thinking about things to do or pinning them to my Pinterest boards knowing well enough they will never happen either due to lack of funds or skill or both. I swear sometimes I just feel like I love the idea of something but it’s not really “Me” My imagination has been this way since I was young, never actually fulfilling any of my so called dreams or hobbies, also being an introverted, stuck inside my own head kind of person makes planning an easy fun activity but exhausting when the time comes to fulfill those plans.

I don’t even know why I try sometimes because it’s just going to fail.

A Simple life isn’t synonymous with an easy one! But it can be easier with the right mindset.

I need to learn to be more realistic with what I expect of myself and not compare my life with all the blogs and pages of my interests.

Finding yourself is hard especially when you don’t stand out from the crowd nor do you wish to.

I don’t hate being different but I want to be true to myself and not try to do things that I’m not actually good at.

Things I love to do:

  • Being a Mom
  • Cook
  • Clean (Not always, but sometimes a loved activity.)
  • Read
  • Write
  • Take pictures
  • Study the Bible
  • Take walks
  • Watch and listen to and feed birds
  • Give advice/help others when I can
  • Listen to music… (Sometimes)
  • Nintendo… (Never have time for.)

Things I thought I’d like doing but failed miserably at:

  • Homesteading
  • Gardening
  • Sewing/crochet
  • selling my photography
  • Auto mechanics (old high school dream)
  • Starting my own business
  • Owning a pizza shop (far out there dream that would never happen)
  • Getting organized!
  • Driving


What are some of your interests?

Do they match up with what you actually do?

Hopefully I’m not alone!

Simple Living

Aren’t Raspberries Beautiful?

Our oldest son is a major berry fan, he can clean out a whole carton in a day easily and still want more, I love that we have raspberries growing wild here so he can pick as many as he likes as they keep popping out. I don’t make pies or anything because it’s much healthier for him to just eat them as is. Here are a few pics from today’s berry haul in…

Just one of the many sweet, simple  things to thank the good Lord for giving us. 

I also wanted to share my early birthday present from my hubby, it’s a new quilt! isn’t too heavy for summer and it’s so pretty. 

The best part is it was under $20.00!

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Simple Living

Rethinking Everything

I know that I haven’t kept up with my original writing plan, but it turns out that life is messy and time is precious when you have children that are growing up so fast. So with that I’ve decided to rethink my posting and make sure that it is mom friendly and realistic to my schedule.

I’ve also worried way too much about being like other bloggers and having “PIN-Perfect” photos in my blog…  While I may write on my photos from time to time it won’t be super catchy to compete with others but simply my own thing. I’m cutting that stress and pressure off of my day. and now maybe my posts will be more true to my life instead of trying to look like everyone else!

As for the staycation a few posts ago, it ended up not working out, I simply couldn’t get my family on board and they hated the idea. So we’ve decided to go to an amusement park instead. Maybe I can break it down into a smaller event and give it one more go for a weekend. but the thought of a week at home without electronics is sadly quite shocking to the American family.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today, even though it isn’t super fancy or with Pinterest worthy photos. I hope you will still stick around and listen to my dreams of simple living, even if they don’t come easy at times. That’s just the truth of life.

See you soon,



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The scoop on the coop: A Busy May Update

We have a lot going on this month, school is almost out for the summer and will be out for good for my husband’s daughter Kaitlyn. It really seems like she was just five years old and now she’s graduating high school! We have both kids awards days to attend along with a shower and wedding which I’m not sure we will be able to make it to. Oh and graduation dinner! Either way it’s way more on my plate than I’m use to event wise. So I’m squeezing in an update here because I don’t think I will get much else accomplished this month. 

The scoop on the coop: 

Our chickens have been outside for a few days now. At first I felt all worried like I was their mother hen or something. But they are doing so great and I’ve found that their favorite snacks are wild strawberries! My two favorites are the barred rocks they are very sweet birds. And the two brown which I believe are Rhode Island Reds are really mean and peck a lot! I hope they will calm down as they mature. 

 I’m not 100% sure on the sexes but it does seem like we have one rooster which I’ve named Elvis. If he turns out to be a girl it will surprise me since he has the largest comb and wattle!

This is Elvis right before we moved them outside. 

Here are a few pics of our temporary coop!

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My Kind of Day

To most people lack of sunshine is a real downer, but being a true introvert I absolutely love a cool, overcast, rainy day! I mean unless it’s a bad storm or something. I’m just talking about a calm rain with some thunder and the best part that nice cool breeze. You know the breeze we wish we had in the sweltering summer months! I would say nothing is better, but me and my husband both love the Fall most of all and even though it’s kind of the same weather it’s always better in the OCT!☔🎃🍃 Either way a spring rain is something very beautiful and is almost always followed by sunshine which then glistens off of everything around. 

Just laying around sounds great on a day like this but I love when the air comes in while I’m washing the dishes. Which definitely helps me a lot since this is not one of my favorite household chores. I’d much rather be doing laundry on most days. But at the same time I’d never want to own a dishwasher. I know weird right!? But to me dishwashers just don’t fall into my idea of simple living and it’s just another expensive thing that would cost way too much to replace or have fixed. 

Other than rain there isn’t much going on here today, I’m just thankful it isn’t one of the rough Monday’s that like to roll over into Monday number two aka: Tuesday!!  Today is relaxing and tomorrow is back to business and most likely grocery shopping.

 Fun Fun Fun. 

 I pray that you all are having as good of a Monday as I am… We Just gotta learn to be content with little and be glad we are alive to enjoy the simple things. Like laying in bed with the window open listening to the rain.

 Little Blessings Count, God is Good Always


Simple Living

Saving & Reusing Containers & Jars

I always feel like I should keep just about everything that could be reused, even if I have no idea what I would do with it. Some things are good to use as planters while others can make great storage bins. Some plastic items will make great treasure collecting toys for kids to use while exploring outside. Like this peanut butter jar…



I also made this dish soap dispenser from a steak sauce bottle and hand soap pump.



Others I’m not so good with finding good uses for like these…


Yet I’m still tempted to keep them anyway. We also sometimes keep butter bowls for leftover food storage. What are some things that you like to keep and what do you use them for?


Simple Living

What is simple living to you?

I have seen groups and posts about simple living, but most of them are either about homesteading/farming or minimalism so it became obvious that the subject means something different to everyone. I wouldn’t at all call myself a minimalist. That just isn’t one of my goals in life, and I don’t like the cold feeling of having little in possessions and the modern furnishings you see in their posts. That doesn’t mean that some of their ideas aren’t inspiring to me just that I wouldn’t take it as far as they do. Simple living for me is to be content where you are with what you have, enjoying things that most people take for granted in life. Living in the moment which is still one of the hardest things for me to be present and not thinking of what’s to come or what has past. Basically to enjoy life and be thankful to God for each day.
My New Years’ resolution this year was to SLOW down!
I don’t feel that we have an overly fast pace lifestyle, to begin with BUT what I really feel like I wanted here was to slow my mind and thought process down… having too much on the table of our minds can really bring you down and make you feel like life is out of control and not good. It doesn’t have to be this way yet sometimes we can get stuck in the rut of taking in too much information that isn’t even necessary for living. People get wrapped up in politics and demanding rights and all of these things you see on social media today, and it gets to be too much thrown in your face. I’ve recently taken the time as I said in a previous post, to clean up my FB account and it has made a major difference. Not only that but I’m using the site less now. which is giving my mind some much-needed rest.
 Being the list maker that I am, here is a list of a few goals I have for living a more simple life.
  1. Prayer over worry:  Worrying about everything gets us nowhere, while prayer places things into the hands of our God.
  2. Enjoy the little things: Flowers gifted by little hands, birds singing in the morning, a light breeze in the evening… a beautiful sunset.
  3. Be more frugal: Try to buy things that will last longer such as bar soap over liquid, this also includes simple meals and keeping waste to a minimum.
  4. Read the bible every day: Whether it is one verse or a whole chapter/book. Just read something out of the bible every day.
  5. Spend more time outside: I am a homebody but once I quit being stubborn and get outside I always end up feeling better.
  6. Have more family time: We are a really close family but I think sometimes we could do more with our kids instead of doing things that are by habit.
  7. Kick clutter out: This is a tough one for most people because it’s an ongoing process that never ends. Deal with clutter right away.
  8. Live in the moment: I have always been a daydreamer so for me being present is not an easy task, but look how much is missed when we aren’t.
  9. Work on gardening: The idea of gardening is awesome, but my brown thumb gets in the way every time. Practice makes perfect, right?
  10. Be thankful and content: Don’t say I’ll be happy when… or I’d be happy IF…. JUST be happy, thankful and content today no and ifs or buts. ~
This is what simple living is to me, what are some things that you would like to work towards in your life?