In the Wild

When some are lost…

Today I was reminded of the most uncomfortable moments in life, when your heart is breaking in two and there isn’t a thing in the world you could do to change it.

We’ve had robins nesting in the corner of our shed for weeks, and they had been feeding the baby/ies for a good while now, that is until today when it was all ruined by a huge rat snake who slithered up to the top and ate a whole baby head first!


This was so hurtful to see especially watching the parents fly back and forth trying to do anything they could to get rid of the snake yet nothing is exactly what they could do.



I can’t help but think of the times when I myself was feeling the exact same way, mainly when I lost my grandmother to a “medical mishap”. I found myself painfully wanting to do something… anything I could to help her. To make her better. To chase away the death that was coming for her. But in the end as with the robins, nothing is all I could do.

Nothing. At all.

Just to sit and watch while she was slowly taken away from me. And cry just like the robins today.



I’ve had other similar experiences to this having had two miscarriages… The empty feelings of what would have been yet never on this earth would be, my babies. So small yet loved as if they’d already been born.

I know that feeling, too well.

I know birds are just birds right? and this is the circle of life, but it just makes you hurt for them still and to want to help them even though you can’t. I guess the good lesson for our son is to see and know this… That while it’s a sad situation life will and must go on. God made everything in perfect balance. Some are lost but others are gained. Everything takes care of everything in the most perfect way that He planned. In the wild yes but for people it’s still hard to understand the reason why…

Why do we have to lose family? God only knows. But for the animal kingdom there is a purpose, to feed and be fed. To survive. Instinctively.

A sad post for today but a bit of a good funny to end… We have been allowing our chickens to free range in the yard and the garbage man came and ran back to his truck cause he was afraid of our guard flock! I laughed so hard at that even though I didn’t get to see it for myself. My husband had to go out so they’d come to him and the guy finally picked up the garbage. Still wish I coulda seen it myself! Poor guy running from 6 little chickens. Our two Rhode Island Reds are a bit intimidating but it’s still pretty funny to picture a grown man running from chickens. I’m glad I had something to make up for a sad beginning to our day. Gotta thank God for little things.

In the Wild

Not Just Another Green Leaf But A House. 

Yesterday evening while I was taking my 15-month-old for a walk. I had snatched a leaf for him to hold onto while we looked around a bit. Then I happened to notice the top part of the edge was bent over. And there he was a cute little green butterfly cocoon!

I’ve always been a bit of a bug geek, I don’t know a lot about them but I’ve always been an observer and a fan from a very young age. Now I am thankful for the internet where I can easily find whatever has me curious at the moment. I did not know which butterfly this exact one would turn into, but with a quick search I found it to be a very common species here. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail which is a fairly large and beautiful black and yellow butterfly.

After finding him I hated that I had disturbed his bed but it was too late so I tucked him into an open jar safe from birds and I guess we will see what happens!  I love viewing God’s work up close! Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment. 🙂