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My Kind of Day

To most people lack of sunshine is a real downer, but being a true introvert I absolutely love a cool, overcast, rainy day! I mean unless it’s a bad storm or something. I’m just talking about a calm rain with some thunder and the best part that nice cool breeze. You know the breeze we wish we had in the sweltering summer months! I would say nothing is better, but me and my husband both love the Fall most of all and even though it’s kind of the same weather it’s always better in the OCT!‚ėĒūüéÉūüćÉ Either way a spring rain is something very beautiful and is almost always followed by sunshine which then glistens off of everything around. 

Just laying around sounds great on a day like this but I love when the air comes in while I’m washing the dishes. Which definitely helps me a lot since this is not one of my favorite household chores. I’d much rather be doing laundry on most days. But at the same time I’d never want to own a dishwasher. I know weird right!? But to me dishwashers just don’t fall into my idea of simple living and it’s just another expensive thing that would cost way too much to replace or have fixed. 

Other than rain there isn’t much going on here today, I’m just thankful it isn’t one of the rough Monday’s that like to roll over into Monday number two aka: Tuesday!!  Today is relaxing and tomorrow is back to business and most likely grocery shopping.

 Fun Fun Fun. 

 I pray that you all are having as good of a Monday as I am… We Just gotta learn to be content with little and be glad we are alive to enjoy the simple things. Like laying in bed with the window open listening to the rain.

 Little Blessings Count, God is Good Always


Household Chores

A (not so) Motivated Monday

The cold snap we’ve had the past few days has got me so drained, yesterday was stunning in¬†comparison¬†but I still felt so tired while at the same time the sunshine put me in the mood to get rid of things! It took me half the day to come out of my funk and start working around the house. I’ve decided to let some of the baby’s things go because it’s definitely time. While it’s sad he has grown out of his¬†bassinet¬†even just using it as a changing area… It’s sad but it will also be good to have it out of the way being useful to someone else.
¬†Today has definitely been a “Motivate Monday” kinda day, I hate not knowing what to get into other than basic household things. The best way that I’ve found to self-motivate on any day is to make a list of things that need to be done or taken care of. I am a compulsive lust maker, I will seriously make a list of a list of lists haha! Not really but still I love to make lists because they help to make me feel organized and productive. I always say I have some form of OCD just not the kind that keeps my house spotless. Well here is my list of things that need to be done.
  1. Fold/put away laundry from yesterday.
  2. Clean up the kitchen/Put away dishes.
  3. Take the bag of clothes out to the truck for donation.
  4. Sweep the front porch.
  5. Move winter tote box to the shed.
  6. Fill the bird feeders.
  7. Post baby items for sale.
  8. Run the sweeper in the living room.
  9. Make a note to pick up vacuum storage bags at the store.
  10. Buy new shoes for Bubba.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†All was well with list making but this is how it really went….
  1. Make a list of things to do. 2.Take nap with baby. 3.Wake up and eat cause breastfeeding and napping makes Mama Bear hungry…… so it didn’t go exactly as planned, but we did go out and get Bubs much-needed shoes because he’s so hard on them. ¬†At least I have the rest of my list for tomorrow right!!? That’s a Mama Bear life you never know how your plans will change. Needless to say, I’m worn out from the trip and ready for bed!





Household Chores

Move it Monday: Small TV before/after and other cleaning adventures.

Since spring has officially sprung, let the cleaning begin! I’ve already gone through most of our clothes and bagged up quite a bit to donate. Whatever is left has made it’s way to the front hall closet because¬†baby clothes have taken over our bedroom.¬†I need to go through these also and get rid of or store what’s been grown out of {CRY} clothes are so hard to part with so I will wait awhile on that.


¬† I took the time to wash up¬†our bedding the other day¬†and switched out fall/winter curtains for light airy spring colors, and what a difference it has made. It’s funny how such a small inexpensive change could have a major impact on your mood. I put my dark curtains in our bedroom which is great for those daytime and evening naps with baby. The only spring chore I dread is the heavy dusting because I’m so allergic. ¬†

Dust bunnies live here! {Sneeze}

Since it is Move It Monday I decided to move some things around in our bedroom. We are having issues with the subfloor on one side of the room and I want to move the heavier things away from the soft area. 

Here is the before and after…¬†

No biggie really but at least it’s clean and will be used now. Having a baby in the house means celebrating little victories when it comes to heavy cleaning and organizing! I wouldn’t have it any other way.¬†

Household Chores

Revamping the Grocery List!



Thinking of things we’d like to eat and then making a list of ingredients to make such things is one of my most dreaded tasks as a Mother and Wife. As much as I love food and love to cook you would think that it would be a happy, enjoyable¬†event. yet here I am procrastinating again when I should be making up my list. {UGH}


My mindset is that maybe writing about it will help to sort out the issue. One of my main problems is stressing about cost while simultaneously being horrible at math. {Not a good combo I know!} So I wanted to come up wit
h a few ideas to help simplify my list and get it done and out of the way.
  1. Try to cook from scratch as much as possible. 
  2.  Make a mental note of items you already have on hand. 
  3. Buy most used items in bulk or large sizes. 
  4. Make a list of 14 dinner meals you and your family love. 
    #4. Dinners
  5. Write down the ingredients to make these 14 meals
  6. Add any extras like seasonings, butter/oil, milk & bread.
  7. Organize your list in order by category, or at least make sure cold/frozen items are made separate. I usually have a Dry/Cold list, starting from one side of the store to the other. You could also list canned items separate if you like. 
  8. Add basic breakfast items, I like to keep this meal easy.
  9. Compare prices online or with the sale papers, this will help you make better choices and keep you focused. 
  10. Use coupons when you can, some can be preloaded to your store account.¬†(I’m horrible at remembering this one)

Enjoy your newly organized grocery list!!


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