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End of Summer Blooms.

I'm not a Summer loving person like most but I do love the flowers 🌺 some bugs 🐌🐞🦋and the song birds! 🐦 We are not so patiently waiting for Fall to arrive but until then I wanted to take a few moments this evening to enjoy the last of the seasons blooms along with our cat Sheba who… Continue reading End of Summer Blooms.


Why Homeschooling Was Not Right For Us

The whole idea of homeschooling was amazing to me, there's the benefit of one on one teaching, the lack of peer pressure and bullying, and being able to freely teach the Word of God without anyone being offended! All of this had me ready to get started ASAP. I thought I had everything sorted, I… Continue reading Why Homeschooling Was Not Right For Us

Farm Animals

7 Things I’ve Learned About White Leghorn Chickens. 

We have 6 chickens all together which are 3 different breeds in pairs, and since my mother in law didn't buy them sexed it's been a complete guessing game as to which are boys or girls. When we first got them I knew exactly nothing about raising chicks. So I began asking questions and Googling… Continue reading 7 Things I’ve Learned About White Leghorn Chickens.