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I’m Friends With Old Man Winter

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I see a lot of people posting how they want Spring to come the day after Christmas! But not this lady, nope, besides the possible Reynauds in my feet, I love winter and snow, but this is also when I feel the most content and happy with life in general.

I’ve been feeling extra productive lately and I hope I can keep it up long enough to get the house where I want it. Last week I started working in the bedroom and swapped furniture around and was able to create an awesome little cubby office space in front of our bed, tucked under our DIY open closet unit. and while I don’t completely follow the rules of Fung Shui I do get an off feeling when I  have my back to a doorway. (Maybe the other things are legit after all?) I had two things previously placed this way, well my small vanity was to the side of the door but it still felt better for both to be facing the door or at least facing anyone who’d be walking into the room even if it’s mostly my toddler lol! And while I do believe that part of Fung Shui works I’m not going to be taking everything out from under the beds to promote good chi flow any time soon. Mostly because to me it’s wasted use of great storage!  I’m not completely finished but I do want to share a few pics of the space with you guys really soon!

Yesterday I did a major ruthless declutter of the bottom cabinets in our kitchen, I got rid of mismatched lids and bowls, along with an old gadget that I never ever used but maybe once when I first got the thing, and I even found things I didn’t even remember I ever had, which made it totally easy for me to let them go! After I finished I took some advice from an actual minimalist to put my dish drainer straight into the sink, thankfully mine was the type that fit perfectly!  Now there is less clutter and more counter space and if I need more room for drying I can place a folded mat and utilize both spaces much better, and when I’m done I just toss it in the wash or hang to dry til next use! It was definitely one of my “duh why didn’t I think of that before” moments which I may or may not have quite often lol! anyway, I’m loving the change so much that I’ve actually had all my dishes done before bedtime! Funny how such a simple and FREE change made such a huge impact, don’t believe me? Just try it and see.

The weather was so warm today, up in the sixties and it was good knowing that it felt nice and I could air out the house a bit without Spring and bugs and Summer being right around the corner, (YES I know I’m weird!) but either way, it was amazing to have my windows open and a fresh clean house.

This morning I worked a little on our entryway closet slash storage room, but this is an area that really gets to me and I am very quickly overwhelmed by how full it gets. Right now my husband’s shirts are also in there which will change after we get a new sturdier hanging rod for our bedroom closet, for right now it’s just an old shower rod and it does the job for mine and the babies clothes. We have so many to do’s that aren’t finished and I feel like the list goes on and on. I’m hoping to figure out something better for that space and let go of more things. I feel like it will definitely be baby steps with this one, but I guess we shall see. I will post again soon with my results. ~








3 thoughts on “I’m Friends With Old Man Winter

  1. I’m so glad you aren’t rushing to Spring. I love Winter.

    John does our dishes now that we are both retired. I’m going to see if our dish drainer fits in the sink and if he would be comfortable with it. I would love to use the counter space it currently occupies.

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