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7 Things I noticed while not using Facebook.

Lacking about a week I would have made it a full month off of Facebook, People are addicted to this site and not only do they check it daily but often find themselves mindlessly scrolling their news feeds out of pure habit.  This was me too and I’ve had enough. So I want to share with you some of the feelings I had along with a few other things I noticed.

  1. The first few days were not easy – The urge to log back in and check notifications the first day or so was very strong. I had the feeling that I’d be missing something and let’s face it no one wants to be left in the dark about life around them. I started going to other sites looking for something to put off that feeling.
  2. After a couple days it got much easier- In fact I realized the urge to sign into my account was less and less each day.
  3. No one seemed to care much- I only have a handful of actual close friends and family and they were the only ones who probably even noticed I was missing.
  4. I dislike oversharing- I’ve always struggled with straddling between over and under-sharing. Have you ever made this big long status only to backspace it all because you think who really cares? This is kind of how I feel, and only those handful of friends and family actually care about the 7000 photos of your kids and what you had for lunch. (lol) On the other hand, if you don’t share enough you feel pressured to at least post something to not seem weird or like you’re only on to snoop on others! (Yikes, how stressful!)
  5. I felt less self-conscience- Putting our lives out there to others especially acquaintances can sometimes make you worry that others are judging you. I personally do not see having 2000 “friends” and overthinking the opinion of others. I have removed a lot of people not because I dislike them or anything but the mental overload it caused having them there. I just don’t see how people keep up with so many others posts.
  6. My house was cleaner- Not being sucked into the daily Facebook vortex left me with a considerable amount of time to take care of my daily household duties. I kept everything done up and actually had less to do as a result. I also had more time to rest as needed. This is something I don’t want to stop since I really enjoyed the difference it has made.
  7. Real news-  Facebook is absolutely FULL of things that are either none of our business or fake or both. When I left I found myself going to my actual local news sites for REAL coverage and none of the bullcrap.

Conclusion: Even though I did reactivate my Facebook account, I still would love to one day be done with it for good. with all of the data leaks and so much going on I definitely don’t trust them and I have found a worthy replacement for social media that I will be doing a review on very soon. It isn’t a perfect platform but it is in my opinion a top contender. What do you think of my list? Do you think you could go a whole month without Facebook? Or live without it for good? I’d love to know how you all feel.





One thought on “7 Things I noticed while not using Facebook.

  1. I could live without all the useless cards and posters, because I want to know what is going on with my family and friends. I skip lots of things because they aren’t personal. That shortens a Facebook session for me.


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