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Saying Goodbye To Facebook?

Have you ever thought about leaving Facebook for good only to five seconds later log back in and find they show you a fond memory of your now deceased Grandmother holding your youngest son 10 years ago? Well, you are not the only one maybe it isn’t that drastic but these memories often keep us from giving our accounts up completely. I’ve done a full deletion only once but I made the mistake of signing back up so it’s the same thing all over again.

We put out our full lives on this site for likes and comments but how many close relationships do we actually have here? The truth is not many at all. I continually get the feeling that Social Media is replacing real-life relationships even sometimes with people in the same household! This is the main reason why I would love to leave for good, yet I’m not sure if I can do it or not.

  •  The Game Plan

I’ve been working on downloading all of my photos and videos, I don’t really care as much about my text files but they do also give you that option to save these as well. My goal is to get my profile down to the bare bones. Then it will be easier to not see things come up to make me want to stay and I will feel more secure that nothing was lost. This is something that gives me real anxiety with photos of my kids. 

The next hurdle is having the constant feeling that you are going to MISS something if you leave. Trust me this is not true most days I log in it’s either something that wasn’t my business to begin with or nothing at all going on. It’s nice to keep up with close friends but wouldn’t it be much better to be notified about things personally by phone or text than to just come across it in your newsfeed? You won’t be missing all the extra mind clutter that FB has to offer, believe me on that.

As of now, I am going to deactivate over the summer break then take it from there because lately, I’ve had more bad feelings about the site than good. I don’t feel it’s healthy to mindlessly scroll just because you feel you have to. It is often the first thing we do when we get out of bed and sometimes before our feet even hit the floor! It’s time for a change who’s with me?



3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Facebook?

  1. I applaud your cutting back, because that’s what you want to do. I spend more time with blogs than Facebook, leaving FB till just before bed. If I’m tired, I just don’t look. It’s great for keeping up with old school friends, those who wouldn’t write to you. It is pleasant to see what church friends 800 miles away are doing, as well as far-flung family members who are not communicators.

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  2. I definitely understand and respect these thoughts.
    Because I’ve deleted my account I think 3 times for the reasons you cite here.

    But I re opened an account again. This time wholly for evangelism, and not for socializing. And not just for soft comforting evangelism, but for telling people that they’re going to hell if they don’t get saved.

    Maybe Facebook will work, or maybe I’ll delete it all again. I don’t know right now.
    But one thing I do know, is that you are doing right by listening to God in your spirit. If it is a corrosive element in your spiritual life as you described…then dump it.

    Lord bless you and your family sister.

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    1. Let me correct one thing I said please.
      I have 2 posts on my Facebook wall that aren’t evangelistic, so a more accurate description of my site would be mainly evangelistic. (I’m just trying to be accurate).

      So right now, I’m not fully clear if Facebook will last for me. But I do know that I need to examine myself whether or not I should dump it.

      So you’re not alone in your struggle with this matter.

      Lord bless you

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