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30 Day Declutter Fail?

Love it or Let it go

The results of my 30 day declutter challenge were far from perfect but I did manage to gather a full store display box of things I know I can live without, the problem is that the box is still here and still full! While I didn’t follow the rules completely I will say that it opened the door for greater improvements. We recently moved another twin bed into our oldest sons room which will eventually belong to baby brother, but for now will be for family to stay over. It’s funny how a little change can bring forth such a great mood boost! We moved several pieces from room to room yesterday and today somehow the house feels more open and new. I do still struggle with mild clutter and storage issues but I really feel as though we’re getting some place now. I want to be able to focus more on family time and also my candle and soap business.

Even though today is the first day of spring it definitely does not feel like it, we are to have an overnight snow storm which could be up to 12 inches, this would be peachy in the middle of January but MARCH 20th it’s a total nightmare. We had been working on the yard and things but now it’s back to inside jobs for now. I will be trying to get all of the let go pile posted for sale this week and see how things go.

Overall I don’t call the challenge a fail but I am definitely still looking for more ways to bring down the clutter count, and push my OCD/hoarding tendencies back. It’s like I can’t let things go unless they’re going to be used in some way and not thrown away. I know when I said hoarding you guys are probably thinking you can’t walk through our house. BUT nope it’s just the little piles that I get caught up in and they end up moving from one place to the next without having any real purpose. I’m also bad about jumping around with ideas meaning old dead hobbies I failed at still live here. Like my poor lonely sewing machine that I may never use again. I really wanted to learn but after one needle broke it’s basically been in that closet ever since. (horrible I know!) I guess I can’t let go of the “Maybe One Day” things in my life, even though I do really plan to crochet again once the baby is old enough. (No really, I mean it!!)

Hopefully I will find better motivation to let go soon, but for now we dream. ~

-Mama Bear-







2 thoughts on “30 Day Declutter Fail?

  1. Hi to you over there in snowland. 😇

    We bloggers ain’t heard from you in a long time, and it’s good to know that y’all are okay.

    One of the most memorable post for me of your was one you posted on my birthday, when a snake ate a bird on y’all’s property.

    Is your king James discussion site still active?

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    1. Thank you Lee for the compliment! My Bible page is still up but I haven’t had a whole lot of time to focus on that right now. I’m going to make a short post soon about a verse that stood out to me this morning. I hope you will check it out! ~

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