Simple Living

30 Day Minimalist Overhaul

I am hoping that this will be the motivation I need to finally get our home where I want it, without all the extra junk holding us back and placing both physical and emotional strain on myself and my family. I no longer want to spend hours searching for things while making an even bigger mess in the process. and sometimes never even finding where said item was located!

Since our bedroom and front hall closet always seem to be the “catch all” zones, they will be the main focus of my goals in the new year.  I know this won’t be easy but I will not give up until things are right, especially for our kids. I am trying to go into this with a positive attitude but realistically I know there will be several difficult roadblocks ahead. This is why I will be keeping a journal through the whole process to properly deal with these feelings.

I will begin on January 1st. 2018 and will be using whatever tools, blogs, apps etc. to help me along. The main goal is no clutter and everything having it’s own proper place! I’ll also be pushing forward with my candle business in the new year, if anyone would be interested in joining my team please email me at using the subject line “More Info” Thanks! ~


Wish me luck!

~Mama Bear~






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