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Workin Mama

The days are getting cooler outside now and less and less daylight. The cold usually makes me a lazy sloth of a person, yawning every few minutes wrapped up in my fuzzy black Mama Bear housecoat. (Yes I did yawn while typing this lol did you?) My point is its hard to get anything done! But lately, I’ve been doing so well it is almost scary. I am actually caught up with everything which means I can throw in some extra cleaning here and there and spend some extra time on building up my new business.
Yesterday I finished up my DIY business cards which are made from 4×6 index cards and colored duct tape! I spent $8.00 on the project which could have been less if we had a local dollar store here. (Cry) anyway here is the finished product in case you want to do something similar these could also be place cards for a wedding or anything just be creative with it and ha

ve fun!


I know they aren’t perfect but you have got to start somewhere!


The next big thing I want to tackle with the house is cleaning the top of the refrigerator again. It is a magnet for clutter and I need to either install an overhead cabinet or maybe use baskets. Either way, it needs to be done asap. This morning I thought of something crazy… While thinking of any area that needs decluttering, If you were to move to a new home what would you take with you and what would you leave behind? If you could move to a whole new house and not miss it let it go now!!
I’m amazed at how my brain works so early in the morning LOL! I will let you guys know how this actually works for me when I tackle that fridge! Until next time this is Mama Bear signing out.

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