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Setting New Goals!

I’ve been working on the house again, my new candle business has been a real motivation. I managed to create an office space using our sons desk, chair, and lamp.. since he hates sitting there anyway and actually prefers doing homework on his bed. I was the same way when I was in school. 😊 So I now have a pretty awesome office to work in even though it’s in our bedroom you have to work with the space you have!
Here are my accomplishment


I still struggle with clutter every day no matter how many books I read or posts I share I am still not where I’d like to be. So I’m making a list of goals and hopefully this will help clear some space!
1. Create a space for bed linens.
2. Let go of clothes I don’t wear.
3. Buy or build a cabinet in the kitchen for food storage, and clear the space between the living room and kitchen.
4. Clean out mini fridge to give to my son, cause how cool would that be to have a mini fridge in your room full of snacks!!?
5. Find a new home for the toaster oven since it hasn’t been used in over a year. Bye Bye!
6. Enjoy the open space it created!!
7. Use under the bed storage totes for seasonal clothing, and a tote box for blankets.
8. Clean out and organize the shed, this will be done after it gets cold here due to snakes, spiders, and bees LOL!
9. No piles in the floor in our bedrooms!!! Put away or get rid of all clothes. Sheets and blankets put away.
10. Deal with junk drawers and boxes.this is the hardest part for me yet it still needs to be tackled!!
11. Create a notebook with the location of important items. I have the worst memory and I’m constantly losing things, maybe if I downsize, organize what’s left and make note of their locations this might help?
Hopefully having this list post to the world wide web will help to hold me accountable and motivate me to make it happen! I have to work in mini sessions due to my very busy toddler. But I will continue to try to squeeze in cleaning time during naps and anywhere else I can manage. I’d love to not have to worry about this and just spend time living and loving and working. But I’m just not there yet!
Please feel free to share with me some of your goals, a problem area and what you’d like to get done this fall!
My plan is to clean as much as possible and keep Christmas simple, then begin a huge new years mean clean. I’d love to see myself completely or mostly organized by then. We can dream right?

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