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Fall Is In The Air!

It’s finally that time of the year again! FALL… Autumn… low humidity awesomeness! In this house, the month of October itself is almost a holiday. One in which we begin preparing for in August, yeah it’s that big of a deal haha. No, but seriously we have made it a bit of a family tradition to bring our fall decorations out of storage on my husband’s birthday, so the last part of August here looks more like fall than summer even if it still feels crappy outside. Enough about that because bummer summer is finally over!!


What’s new around here? Well after finding out that ALL 6 of our chickens were in fact roosters we’ve decided to use them as meat birds this fall, and probably by the end of the month or beginning of next, we will have them all in the freezer. It’s still hard to believe with 50/50 % chance we ended up with all males lol! but that is our luck most of the time. On the bright side, I have decided to become a candle consultant which is something I’ve always loved anyway. I’m waiting for my first shipment to process now! Follow this link ~~~> THIS ONE HERE <~~~ to check out my store! We have 100% soy wax candles and tarts, along with oil diffusers and more!



If you would like to give my candle page a like & follow on facebook just click here… Mama Bear’s Country Candles I also have a group that is linked to the page.

I’ve also started babysitting which has been really fun with my 18-month-old, he is loving the play time with someone close in age and also learning a lot of new things. He can now say baby perfectly and it’s so so cute. I am going to try to do posts here at least once a week, due to my busy schedule and a busy toddler it hasn’t been easy to keep up with everything so just hang in there guys! I haven’t disappeared! I’m still here. lol!

Thanks for stopping by!



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