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7 Things I’ve Learned About White Leghorn Chickens. 


We have 6 chickens all together which are 3 different breeds in pairs, and since my mother in law didn’t buy them sexed it’s been a complete guessing game as to which are boys or girls.

When we first got them I knew exactly nothing about raising chicks. So I began asking questions and Googling like a mad woman. I had the basics of care down and all went well with that, but trying to find anything anywhere about sexing chickens was insane.

We compared size, and color, How their feet looked. Yet nothing seemed to be for certain.

The two white leghorns (which in the beginning I thought were Cornish rocks.) are definitely our favorites of the flock. They are so tame and sweet! But we’ve struggled to figure out the sex of these birds.

Here are a few important things I’ve learned about White Leghorns while searching…

  1. This breed often has larger combs whether male or female so using this method to attempt sexing early on is useless.
  2. I don’t know about all leghorns but with our two they seemed bigger than the rest at first and a bit mean, then the others passed them up in size and they mellowed out.
  3. The white leghorn rooster’s comb should stand tall while the hens tend to flop to one side. Both sexes combs can be bright red unlike other chicken breeds.
  4. The bright red color in the hens comb is said to be a sign she’s soon to begin laying!
  5. They have white ear lobes which means the hens will lay white eggs! If they are red they aren’t Leghorns and would lay brown eggs.
  6. By 5 months you should easily be able to tell the hens from the roos by their feathers. Roosters will have larger pointy hackle feathers (the feathers around the neck) and have curling of the tail feathers and also saddle feathers coming down over the back sides which also should be thin and pointy instead of rounded at the end.
  7. I could really see myself keeping one as a pet and becoming a crazy chicken lady for the rest of my life!

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