In the Wild

Not Just Another Green Leaf But A House. 

Yesterday evening while I was taking my 15-month-old for a walk. I had snatched a leaf for him to hold onto while we looked around a bit. Then I happened to notice the top part of the edge was bent over. And there he was a cute little green butterfly cocoon!

I’ve always been a bit of a bug geek, I don’t know a lot about them but I’ve always been an observer and a fan from a very young age. Now I am thankful for the internet where I can easily find whatever has me curious at the moment. I did not know which butterfly this exact one would turn into, but with a quick search I found it to be a very common species here. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail which is a fairly large and beautiful black and yellow butterfly.

After finding him I hated that I had disturbed his bed but it was too late so I tucked him into an open jar safe from birds and I guess we will see what happens!  I love viewing God’s work up close! Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment. 🙂

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