Staycation: Yay or Nay

The idea of vacationing at home is a fairly new trend that has come about in the last year or so but is it really a great idea or just simply people trying to make themselves feel better for not being able to afford a real vacation? I think the idea could be good and bad… if you are the creative type then you could probably pull it off with ease, but for others like myself maybe not so much.

The whole staying home idea seems great to me, I love the thought of making home equal to how we love vacations. I mean why not love our everyday spaces the same as we do when we are away? The biggest problem for me is getting everyone else on board. I jotted a few thoughts down on paper and passed it to my 10-year-old son who went down the list saying things like no, that’s stupid and boring. and of course, he hates the no screen time rule. I mean what could a 10-year-old possibly do without technology for a WHOLE week!!!


Real life activities are viewed by kids as boring, how sad. yet really it boils down to what we’ve allowed and that is the real problem. Kids become used to being “babysat” by technology so they come to love and feel comforted by it. but can this be turned around? Can we thrive again with a little of both without a major meltdown when technology is taken away? I would like to think so just don’t attempt talking them into it, they have to experience other things to realize the difference and that other things too can be fun.

How do you feel about staying home vs packing up for a trip?

If you have tried this please share how it went… 

  1. How long was your staycation?
  2. What all did you do?
  3. Did you have any rules? 
  4. If you have kids did they enjoy themselves?
  5. Would you do it again? 

I will be posting my list as soon as it’s finished, and hopefully, figure out some way to get the family at least okay with the whole idea, I say try it once and if it isn’t for your family you don’t ever have to do it again. but at least you tried something new.

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9 thoughts on “Staycation: Yay or Nay

  1. Except for a 2 night stay a couple hours away last year, all we’ve done is staycations. Before the kids we would mainly just do movie marathons and sleep. Once we had the kids we just used the time Daddy had off work (I’m at home with them) to visit parks, places we had passes to, like zoo and children’s museum, and play more with them. And still work in the extra sleep! We took them to that hotel last year so they could go swimming, and they had a blast. Money usually keeps us at home, and for now they’re young enough (8,6,4,2) not to complain too much!

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    1. That’s cool Amy! This year will be our very first so I’m excited to plan for it. and I definitely agree with you, we should take the time to appreciate what we have already.


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