Home Organization

Our Living Room Update…

I know it isn’t 100% finished but I love the new layout so much that I just had to share!

Just a reminder of the 3D plan that I made… 

And here are the results minus the recliner where the playpen is now.

The room feels so much bigger! And my new favorite place to sit {when I actually get to} is the chair in the corner. Now I’m thinking of getting a couple of those ottoman poufs online not sure what color would go best though, I’m horrible at matching but at the same time picky that things must match lol. Any suggestions?

I know I still have clutter, mostly baby toys but it’s basically the only space for them right now. I do need to look into a better bin for storage. Something he could still be able to get things out when he wants. We will see about that soon. This is all for now I just had to share some progress which may motivate some of you to just start somewhere. You can do it!!


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