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Living Room Layout

I’ve been wanting to redo our living room for a few months now, but time and money just haven’t been on our side. Besides, that coming up with the perfect layout seemed nearly impossible. We have a long narrow living space which can be difficult to arrange furniture around in. So I started to work on different designs and this is what I’ve come up with…

lrlongnormalnormal (1)

I am happy with the results and I really think it will work for us once we are able to get to work. I want to use a lot of what we already have but add two recliners then possibly a new sofa later on. Here is a photo of our actual living room… please excuse the dust! I’m definitely not loving the layout we have now. The rug also wants to walk and bunch up under the couch which drives me insane! We will fix this very soon.


This photo is a bit older but we have the same layout, the main difference now is our new curtains which are light and sheer and no clutter in the chair! Sorry I didn’t have time to upload a current photo. 


After we move the television away from under the window I plan on getting a couple of cactus plants to go in the window sill. It’s probably about the only house plant we wouldn’t kill and they are cute and tiny. Please let me know what you think of my ideas and feel free to share your ideas if you like. I love interior design and moving things around makes things feel better almost like we have a new house!

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