Food Fixx Friday: Chili Cheese Nachos Plus two extras!

Anyone who really knows me can tell you how much I love cheese! It’s one of those foods I couldn’t live without. So here are the nachos we had this week. (Thanks to Dad for buying in bulk!!)

Hello, Cheesy Chili Nachos!

The next dish is from my mother in law and it is absolutely delicious. They are called Swiss hamburgers, and I served them with Jasmine white rice and broccoli seasoned with butter and garlic. Broccoli is a favorite veggie in this house.

Last but definitely not least is Mama Bear’s Spaghetti with summer sausage!

Spaghetti, in general, is not one of my favorite dishes so when I make it I love to think outside the box a bit and play around with different flavors, and summer sausage has become one of our favorites to throw in. I’ve also used hot sauce, salsa, and mild banana pepper/juice. I’d love to try a taco pasta dish soon.

 the first time I made spaghetti myself it was terrible! My advice is… do not give up, to be a good cook you have to COOK!

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