Household Chores

Move it Monday: Small TV before/after and other cleaning adventures.

Since spring has officially sprung, let the cleaning begin! I’ve already gone through most of our clothes and bagged up quite a bit to donate. Whatever is left has made it’s way to the front hall closet because baby clothes have taken over our bedroom. I need to go through these also and get rid of or store what’s been grown out of {CRY} clothes are so hard to part with so I will wait awhile on that.


  I took the time to wash up our bedding the other day and switched out fall/winter curtains for light airy spring colors, and what a difference it has made. It’s funny how such a small inexpensive change could have a major impact on your mood. I put my dark curtains in our bedroom which is great for those daytime and evening naps with baby. The only spring chore I dread is the heavy dusting because I’m so allergic.  

Dust bunnies live here! {Sneeze}

Since it is Move It Monday I decided to move some things around in our bedroom. We are having issues with the subfloor on one side of the room and I want to move the heavier things away from the soft area. 

Here is the before and after… 

No biggie really but at least it’s clean and will be used now. Having a baby in the house means celebrating little victories when it comes to heavy cleaning and organizing! I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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