Simple Living

Simplicity with Technology 

Can simple living include technology? … I say yes {BUT} in moderation, especially when using social media sites which tend to throw a ton of different information in your face as you scroll through your feeds. This can be draining and you may not even realize it’s effect. I know my mind loves information but taking in too much at once is not helpful or productive. These sites need a good cleaning up just as much as our homes do physically. Mental clutter can even lead to a physical mess. (Believe me, I know) … So my challenge to you is to make time today to do a little social media clean-up! The easiest way to do this is to unfollow groups and only to follow your absolute favorite pages. Only keep what you love or is needed, while being mindful to visit your favorites when you like, not just out of habit but because you want to!
A few things I want to work on:

1.  Not using social media first thing in the morning.

2. The mindless scrolling habit.

3. Having things in my feed that aren’t loved or helpful in any way.
The internet is the most complicated form of technology in our homes today, but things like television and phones can cause stress too. Just last night I realized how much phone ringing drives me nuts!! Not only the phone rings but the base is also set to ring as well. So I decided to change things up a bit. I set the base ringer to silent and changed the phone to the least annoying tone available, what a difference it has made!Our phone is now quiet!”

My nerves are no longer frazzled by loud obnoxious ringing! The new tone kind of reminds me of a quiet office space not much going on and a simple call comes through. May sound boring to some but it’s peace to my introvert mind. As for the t.v. I could take it or leave it, this isn’t a problem area for me but if it is for you, my advice would be to keep a guide either bookmarked online or by using an app and watch television with intent not just having it on as background noise, leaving it off when nothing is on will allow your mind to rest and you’ll be able to focus other (more important) things. Good luck if this is one of your bad habits. I know they can be hard to break sometimes but so worth it in the end, just think of all you’ll accomplish.
Please let me know how it goes if you’ve accepted my challenge.  I’d love to know what difference it has made.


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