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30 Day Declutter Fail?

The results of my 30 day declutter challenge were far from perfect but I did manage to gather a full store display box of things I know I can live without, the problem is that the box is still here and still full! While I didn't follow the rules completely I will say that it… Continue reading 30 Day Declutter Fail?

Simple Living

30 Day Minimalist Overhaul

I am hoping that this will be the motivation I need to finally get our home where I want it, without all the extra junk holding us back and placing both physical and emotional strain on myself and my family. I no longer want to spend hours searching for things while making an even bigger… Continue reading 30 Day Minimalist Overhaul

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Setting New Goals!

I've been working on the house again, my new candle business has been a real motivation. I managed to create an office space using our sons desk, chair, and lamp.. since he hates sitting there anyway and actually prefers doing homework on his bed. I was the same way when I was in school. 😊… Continue reading Setting New Goals!

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Fall Is In The Air!

It's finally that time of the year again! FALL... Autumn... low humidity awesomeness! In this house, the month of October itself is almost a holiday. One in which we begin preparing for in August, yeah it's that big of a deal haha. No, but seriously we have made it a bit of a family tradition… Continue reading Fall Is In The Air!

Farm Animals

7 Things I’ve Learned About White Leghorn Chickens. 

We have 6 chickens all together which are 3 different breeds in pairs, and since my mother in law didn't buy them sexed it's been a complete guessing game as to which are boys or girls. When we first got them I knew exactly nothing about raising chicks. So I began asking questions and Googling… Continue reading 7 Things I’ve Learned About White Leghorn Chickens. 

Simple Living

Just Another Daydream: A list of loves and fails.

Sometimes I struggle to decide what I really want in life, it seems like others have their stuff together and have at least one thing they are good at and stick with it... but for me it's always been a bunch of half baked ideas that never actually make it past the preparation stage. I have… Continue reading Just Another Daydream: A list of loves and fails.